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ABB has long been a leading player and trusted partner in the global renewable energy market. Our portfolio of integrated electrical and automation solutions for utility-scale renewable energy plants benefit EPCs and end users alike.

The renewable energy market continues to expand at a rapid pace.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2013 the growth in new renewable power capacity was the biggest ever recorded. Renewables now account for 22 percent of total power generation, about the same as gas.

The IEA expects this pattern to continue. By 2020 global renewable electricity generation is forecast to increase by another 45 percent. Two global trends are driving this growth: better scalability for larger plants, and cost competitiveness with alternative types of power generation.

Trusted partner

ABB has long been a leading player and trusted partner in the global renewable energy market.

We are a market leader in power products and power systems, and the world’s leading supplier of distributed control systems. This combination of market and technology leadership has enabled us to develop standardized and optimized electrical balance of plant and control solutions for renewable energy plants. The solutions are complete, fully integrated and based on our own products. They enable speedy and costeffective project execution for EPCs and better plant performance for end users.

Our expertise in electrical and automation engineering serves the customer from the very start of the project.

Through comprehensive consulting capabilities we guide the customer through the crucial initial stages of project development. We then design a plant that best serves their requirements for levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), grid stabilization and power security. As a one-shop stop, we perform feasibility studies; analyze the project’s profitability, facilitating financing if required; design, engineer and optimize the plant; provide project management; and install, optimize and commission the electrical and automation systems.

Standardized solutions

Our standardized modular solutions for renewable power plants are designed for fast-track deployment. These pre-assembled, factory-tested modules enable short lead times and easy installation. For EPCs this reduces site work, cuts vendor interfaces, and minimizes project risk. For end users the products in the solutions are the best on the market, designed and manufactured by ABB to the highest standards. Seamlessly integrated into a complete and optimized solution they deliver the highest levels of reliability and efficiency and the lowest levels of plant energy consumption.

As a leading supplier of power transmission and distribution solutions, we have a close working relationship with all electric utilities worldwide. We know the grid codes of each transmission and distribution system operator, and can deliver a solution that meets the exact requirements of each operator.

When the plant is up and running we have a range of service solutions to help owners get the most from their investment. These range from repairs and spare parts to remote management and service of single plants or entire fleets from our dedicated remote monitoring center for renewable energy plants.

Total plant automation

The brain of any renewable energy plant is the automation system. Our Symphony® Plus total plant automation platform is designed specifically for the power generation and water industries. As the latest generation of our Symphony family of distributed control systems, it builds on a 30-year heritage and more than 6,500 installations. Over 4,500 of these installations are in power and water applications – more than any other automation platform on the market today.

Symphony Plus is widely used in all types of conventional and renewable power plant. Our new Symphony Plus for Solar and Symphony Plus for Wind (see page 27 for more details) automation systems integrate monitoring and diagnostics with control and forecasting of renewable power production into a single system. They are designed to simplify fleet management and enable energy trading. Operators can remotely monitor and control an entire fleet Application focus ABB in control 1 | 15 07 of power generation facilities – solar, wind, hydro and conventional plants – from the same operator stations. The solutions also provide dynamic optimization in response to changing production forecasts, grid requirements and energy prices


Microgrids are a key element of our expertise and portfolio. At the heart of our offering is our widely proven Microgrid Plus System™ control and Power-Store™ stabilization solutions, whichenable up to 100 percent renewable penetration while ensuring utility-grade levels of stability and reliability of the power supply.

We offer turnkey solutions, and have references for, all types of microgrid requirement: greenfield hybrid power plants consisting of renewable and diesel power generation; the integration of renewable energy generation with an existing fuel-based microgrid; optimizing the performance of an unstable microgrid that combines renewable energy and fossil fuel generation; stabilizing the connection of an existing renewable energy plant to a weak power grid; and power grid stabilization.

ABB has 25 years of experience developing microgrid technologies and has delivered more than 80 microgrid solutions worldwide - more than any
other supplier.

Why choose ABB?

  • Consulting capabilities
  • Cutting-edge technologies and a long history of innovation
  • Product portfolio covering the entire plant
  • Strong local presence to support customer needs
  • Global manufacturing and engineering footprint
  • Global installed base and proven track record
  • Significant service presence to support installed base
  • Skilled, experienced workforce


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