Innovative ABB solutions for microgrids

ABB’s Microgrid Plus System is a proven solution that integrates high penetration renewable power into a microgrid, while improving grid reliability and energy efficiency.

Microgrid Plus™ System is built around two core microgrid technologies - the PowerStore grid-stabilizing generator and the MGC600™ controller platform. It is supported by years of microgrid engineering and project execution experience. ABB’s microgrid technologies are best suited for systems of between 300 kW and 50 MW of peak demand.

PowerStore grid-stabilization generator

The PowerStore grid-stabilization generator uses a fast-acting, spinning flywheel to store energy and absorb or inject power onto the grid.

PowerStore enables seamless operation of the microgrid. Because PowerStore can switch from a full-power charge to a full-power discharge in less than 5 milliseconds, all the loads contained within a microgrid can be transferred seamlessly between the microgrid’s distributed energy resources (DERs). Temporary power interruptions due to intermittencies from the renewable sources or from the start-up sequences of fuel-based generators will go unnoticed by the microgrid’s end users.

Microgrid Plus control system

The Microgrid Plus control system is based on ABB’s MGC600 controller, and is responsible for the control and communications aspects of the microgrid.

The Microgrid Plus control system is decentralized, which means it has no single master controller. It consists instead of many control modules that are distributed across the microgrid area and communicate with each other on a peer-to-peer basis. This arrangement gives the system a high level of fl exibility and redundancy.

Microgrid engineering services

Each Microgrid Plus System is engineered to address specific customer needs and achieve operational objectives. ABB’s microgrid engineers can perform energy yield studies, power system dynamic modeling, and protection studies in order to make a technical and financial assessment of the project.

ABB’s advantages

  • ABB global support network that can serve almost any project from local offices worldwide
  • Extensive experience delivering projects with advanced logistics and strict delivery timelines
  • Field-proven solution with more than 80 installations worldwide and decades of operational history
  • Proven microgrid solutions that achieve high fuel savings through maximum renewable penetration combined with highest microgrid stability and
  • Open, scalable automation solutions with broad application range and maximum project flexibility over the solution’s lifetime 


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