Flame analysis unit (Uvisor FAU810)

Flexible and reliable device for use with all ABB flame detectors

The Flame Analysis Unit, or FAU810, is ABB’s latest leading-edge flame analysis device.
The FAU810 is designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility, usability and reliability. It takes advantage of the latest technologies available to make flame analysis as cost-efficient as possible, while retaining ABB’s rock-solid reputation as the most reliable instruments in the industry. The FAU810 is easy to install and configure, flexible to operate, and uses redundant Profibus DP-V1 or standard Modbus interfaces for easy and safe data exchange and tuning.
Flexible and reliable device for use with all ABB flame detectors

FAU810 can process any type of ABB Flame sensing device, from the legacy DFS scanner to the latest single and multisensor UvisorTM SF810. This makes the FAU810 the standard module for all ABB Flame Scanner application and the preferred solution for retrofitting existing installation. A wide range of tuning can be defined in the FAU810 to account for any situation that may occur in utility or industrial boilers. 

  • Collects signal values from the flame detector
  • Calculates signal quality
  • Continuously detect faults
  • Signals unsafe conditions
  • Profibus DPV1 and Modbus connectivity

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