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In this new era of digitalization, close collaboration between partners is vital to reap the full benefits that big data and analytics offer. The approach that enables digital collaboration is ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations - a remote operations and maintenance model that helps power generation companies harness the potential of digitalization.

Collaborative Operations allows ABB experts to provide data insights through industrial analytics, thus making customer data actionable and a resource for driving decision-making to optimize plant and fleet performance. 

Through a high-speed, cyber-secure connection to the plant’s distributed control system, the center continuously monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) across a comprehensive suite of applications to ensure that each plant is operating within regulatory, load, environmental and cyber security requirements, automatically notifying the customer if a KPI is under-performing or a reference limit is broken.


Collaborative Operations for power generation is proven to provide:

  • ~20% extension of machine life by using immediate and trend data insights to better manage equipment and asset utilization
  • ~50% reduction in maintenance costs by using smart predictive methodologies, rather than reactive/routine maintenance scheduling
  • a deeper visibility into equipment, plant, or fleet performance which enables customers to understand actual performance capability and operating boundaries   

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