Introducing the new Symphony Plus SD Series

Green automation solution reduces energy consumption, lowers hardware requirements and withstands extreme operating conditions.

The SD Series is the latest addition to the Symphony® Plus S+ Control and I/O family. This family, which also includes the HR Series (Harmony Rack) and MR Series (Melody Rack), provides Symphony Plus with a comprehensive offering to meet the needs of new and existing customers from all segments and all regions.

Originally introduced in March 2012, with subsequent portfolio enhancements in 2014 and 2015, the SD Series is designed for distributed applications in conventional and renewable power plants and water networks. It features modular DIN rail packaging; a flexible, Fast Ethernet-based plant network; intelligent electrical and field device integration; PROFIBUS, HART, IEC 61850 and Modbus TCP communication protocols; and an integrated turbine control solution. The SD Series also protects investments made in previous controllers, while delivering higher performance, reliability and capacity.

SD Series products have a modular, high-density design and streamlined architecture that reduce control and I/O hardware requirements and cabinet footprint, thus lowering design, installation and operating costs. The SD Series is a green automation solution that provides significant energy
savings with low 24 VDC power consumption and lead-free RoHS-certified modules.

SD Series products are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for remote I/O applications. Their G3 coating and 70 °C temperature rating eliminate the need for fans, louvers, air filters, purging systems, or other environment controlling techniques.

Significantly higher efficiency means lower power consumption, less heat dissipation requirements, and less need for cooling systems. This eliminates theuse of parts that can affect reliability and productivity,  thereby reducing footprint and lowering installation costs. This can make a huge difference in installation expenditure by reducing the need for climate-controlled buildings or cabinets. Once in operation, the reduced volume of parts and equipment improves reliability and cuts maintenance costs.

The SD Series maximizes uptime and production with a scalable family of high-performance and highly reliable controllers and control loop integration of secondary smart field device information. 

They protect intellectual investment in existing INFI 90 / Harmony systems - one of the most widely used control systems in power generation worldwide - by enabling the easy reuse of existing INFI 90 control strategies.

Backwards and forwards compatibility ensures smooth integration with existing and future systems, enabling customers to protect previous investments by reusing field-proven solutions and avoiding rip and replace alternatives.

SD Series products

SD Series is a suite of flexible control and I/O products that work across the entire control landscape, providing total plant automation regardless of application type, size or location.

The suite includes a set of high-performance, scalable process controllers that support the plant’s total control requirements, from discrete and continuous to batch and advanced control applications. Supported by a comprehensive range of I/O options, SD Series delivers powerful, versatile and scalable automation solutions for plant applications of all sizes and requirements.

The SD Series portfolio comprises:

HPC800: Large controller for large and/or complex installations
SPC700: Mid-range controller for medium-sized and small installations

Communication interface modules
PDP800: PROFIBUS DPV2 interface
CI850: IEC 61850 electrical integration interface

I/O modules
Analog I/O: AI0x and AO0x
HART I/O: HAI805 and HAO805
Digital I/O: DI0x, DO0x and PI0x

Control network communication
PN800: Fast Ethernet-based plant network

Main product features      Key solution benefits
- Green, energy efficient design      - Less power used / Environmentally friendly
- Withstands extreme operation conditions      - Eliminates cooling / Enables flexible remote I/O
- Compact modular design      - Smaller footprint
- Smart device integration      - Greater visibility / Less HW / Less cabling
- Based on field-proven technology      - Protects previous investments / Easy to expand

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