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Symphony Plus SD Series expanded

Latest SD Series products include an expanded range of HART enabled high-level (i.e. 4-20 mADC) Analog I/O modules (AIØ2, AIØ5, AOØ2, and AOØ5), mixed I/O channel (4x (AI, AO, DI, DO)) Analog Drive modules (ADØ1 and ADØ2), a short circuit detection and protection Digital Output module (DOØ2) and vertical column mounting bases (VBSØ1-xxx). Together with the existing portfolio, the SD Series consists of a flexible and scalable control and I/O suite that works across the entire control landscape and delivers total plant automation regardless of application type, size or physical location. For more on SD Series, go to:



– Green, energy-effi cient design consumes less power and delivers signifi cant energy savings
– Withstands extreme operating conditions and eliminates the need for costly cooling systems
– Smart device integration provides greater process visibility from fewer components and less cabling
– Compact modular design with more than 50 percent higher density than typical DCS solutions
– Flexible vertical mounting facilitates easy design and implementation of fi eld marshalling requirements
– Based on fi eld-proven technology for easy expansion and investment protection

S+ Conversion Tool for PGP 1.0

Converting existing systems to the latest S+ Operations technology is a service provided by ABB to end-customers. When customers evolve heritage ABB operator stations to S+ Operations, they expect a smooth and cost-effective conversion. Now the S+ Conversion Tool for PGP systems can be accessed on an ABB server through a web client interface.



– Reduced conversion time and engineering development
– Reduced troubleshooting effort and project delivery costs
– Service typically uses automatic conversion tools to read the heritage system’s configuration source files, historical processdata, alarm and event files, and execute automatic conversion
– The tools store converted files for further deployment on the S+ Operations target system by engineers

PGP Benchmark and Fingerprint 1.0

The PGP Benchmark and Fingerprint are the first in a series of Health Check Services that ABB is developing. Health Check Services are non-invasive services based on state-of-the-art software tools which simplify complex diagnostics and reporting. Health Check Services are used for both improving and maintaining system performance.



– A comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the Power Generation Portal (PGP) system
– Performance, configuration and life cycle parameters are read from the installed system and compared to requirements and best practices
– Non-optimal system states and settings are automatically identified
– The Benchmark report provides a quick overview of system status
– The Fingerprint report presents evaluated findings and detailed recommendations for improvement

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