District heating and cooling

Using energy at maximum efficiency

District heating and cooling (DHC) is arguably the most efficient, fuel-flexible and environmentally friendly method to produce and distribute energy on the market. It is sustainable, affordable and community-based.

The core delivery from the ABB portfolio for DHC is the automation and control system for high efficiency distribution including SCADA system, Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) for drives, district energy library, optimal communication solutions as well as interface solutions with multiple third party suppliers (ie, enterprise resource planning and optimization systems).

Starting from power system analysis, electrical and physical design, power quality, and system protection, ABB delivers the complete suite from HV to LV systems, interfacing, cabling for all plant areas.

Besides the ABB equipment our solutions encompass all the mechanical equipment – heat exchangers, pumps, pipes, boilers, chillers, air coolers, seawater cooling, storage, valves, metering, etc. - which is manufactured by selected partners and integrated by ABB into complete district energy solutions. 

Why ABB?

  • ABB has one of the largest product and system portfolio on the market for the district energy industry
  • Our reference installations range from large metropolitan networks to small and medium-size networks for local municipalities
  • Each and every ABB solution enables the network to produce and distribute at the peak of efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness


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