Harmony Rack turbine modules

The ABB Harmony Rack DCS platform includes over ten turbine specialty modules addressing a large variety of turbine functions in dedicated high speed and high reliability design implementations.  These modules are fully integrated into the Harmony Rack control architecture, engineering environment and HMI graphics.  The end result is a powerful turbine solution utilizing the very same technology and infrastructure that controls the rest of the plant.

Why ABB?

The Harmony Rack turbine modules allow for a fully integrated single-vendor solution addressing all aspects of turbine automation.  They are well established and have a solid reputation and recognition throughout the global turbine control industry, with more than 1,000 turbines in operation in every part of the world.
  • Industry's fastest response time for control and protection functions
  • High reliability as a result of functional independence from the rest of the DCS
  • Turbine speed detection, turbine protection, servo valve driving, valve position reading, autosynchronization, and condition monitoring

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