Turbine specialty modules

ABB is continuously investing in research and development of turbine-specific DCS technology to enhance its DCS platforms with ultimate solutions for all turbine automation challenges. This technology, in the form of fully integrated turbine specialty DCS modules,  addresses the requirements of turbine protection, valve positioning, speed detection, auto-synchronization, and condition monitoring in ways that standard DCS controllers, I/O modules or PLC’s cannot address.

Why ABB?

BB turbine specialty modules enable a fully integrated single-vendor solution addressing all aspects of turbine automation. Based on proven technology, these modules are currently controlling steam turbines, gas turbines and hydro turbines in many countries around the world. In addition, these modules have been tested and accepted by several major global turbine manufacturers and are included in their standard offering.

Key features of ABB's turbine specialty modules include:

  • Fastest industry response time for control and protection functions
  • High reliability due to functional independence from the rest of the DCS 
  • High availability resulting from multiple supported redundancy schemes (dual, TMR, master/backup, etc.)
  • Strict compliance with several safety and security standards

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