Universal turbine modules

In addition to embedded DCS platform turbine module solutions, ABB also offers standalone turbine control products that can be used in conjunction with any type of DCS or PLC platform.  These modules are din-rail mountable, are driven via hardwired I/O signals, and are configured through PC-based software applications.  There are two main lines of products in ABB's portfolio that fall under this category: the universal actuator turbine controller (UTAC01 and UTAC02) and the 800 Series turbine modules (VP800, TP800, AS800 and MCM800).  The UTAC01 and UTAC02 are powerful standalone valve positioners with high current output capability.  The 800 Series turbine modules can provide stand alone solutions for valve positioning, turbine protection and autosychronization. They also offer Profibus-based integration capability.

Why ABB?
ABB can provide both fully integrated and standalone, single-vendor solutions addressing all aspects of turbine automation.  The technology supports a large number of configurable control and protection functions in order to properly address the specific requirements of every customer installation, turbine type, manufacturer and size.

  • Industry's fastest response time for control and protection functions
  • High reliability due to functional independence from the rest of the DCS 
  • High availability resulting from multiple supported redundancy schemes (dual, TMR, master/backup, etc.)
  • Strict compliance with several safety and security standards

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