ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for power generation

Maintain peak performance in any market

ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization combines closed-loop optimization with world-class digital technologies that allow power generators to maintain peak performance under any market conditions.

The benefits of ABB's solutions reach beyond the plant, encompassing fleet and enterprise operations so you can be proactive even in fast changing markets.

The ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization suite of optimization services allows steam power plants to measurably reduce fuel costs and emissions, while increasing revenues through expanded operational flexibility and reduced maintenance budget risk. It consists of two solutions:

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Increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions
Increase flexibility
The Combustion and Soot Blowing optimization solution ensures operator consistency in counteracting recoverable degradation and minimizing the variability that increases maintenance risks and unplanned downtime.
Leveraging closed-loop optimization

Expand operational envelope due through use of dynamic models that reflect real and forecasted conditions of plants

Advisory on optimal time and sequencing of soot blowing

Measurable benefits

Typical unit efficiency improved by 0.5%

Typical emissions reductions (for a 600MW coal-fired boiler):
- CO2 - 25,000 tons/year
- NOX - 5% – 15%

Reduces risk of thermal stresses by ensuring operation within dynamic design limits

Reduces risk of forced outage due to plugged flue gas passages and tube erosion

Ensure repeatable and optimal operator performance

Through Steam Temperature optimization, spinning reserves provide plants the opportunity to sell power into competitive ancillary service markets, expanding revenues from the wholesale market.
Leveraging closed-loop optimization

Increase operational temperatures

Predictive control to reduce excessive spray valve movement and large temperature excursions

Measurable benefits

Increased ramp rate and tighter setpoint following.

Typical Ramp rate increases of 5MW/min

Power generation overshoot or undershoot reductions of 2MW

Reduced fatigue of thick-walled components in boilers and turbines

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