Procontrol P13

Providing safe and reliable power plant operations since over 30 years

Originally introduced to the power generation market in 1982, ABB’s Procontrol P13 platform is now in its fourth decade of providing safe and reliable power plant operation worldwide in more than 500 units. Not many control systems can make the same claim, especially with the same quality and reliability proven by Procontrol P13. It is installed in fossil fuel power plants, gas turbine and combined cycle power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, waste-to-energy plants, industrial plants, and AC/DC high voltage distribution.

Its application field covers all necessary automation applications for turbine control and DCS, open loop and closed loop control, protection, and substation control. With its modern HMI solutions it provides an integrated solution for an entire power plant.

The Procontrol P13 system is compatible with all other systems in the Procontrol family. This ensures optimum solution of a wide variety of problems by appropriate application of all systems.

Why ABB?

  • Developed, manufactured and repaired in Switzerland
  • Extensive service and support center for P13 controls
  • Continuous improvements and redesigns to ensure long-term support

ABB’s automation systems policy of ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ makes sure you can still capitalize on your past investment by ensuring that each new generation enhances its predecessors. Click here to learn more about the latest technology and how you can upgrade to it.

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