Control, I/Os and communications

P13 processor, input/output, and couplers and bus modules

Processor modules

Procontrol P13 has two basic types of processing modules, the individual control module, and the universal processing module, both connected to the local bus.

In case the control strategy does not require extensive partitioning, universal processing modules can be implemented to simultaneously perform individual control functions (related to a final control element) as well as automation functions. Interface with the process can be done with conventional input/output modules. To ensure control function integrity and maximum plant availability, redundant processing modules can be provided.

Input/output modules

Procontrol P13 has various modules for input/output capability. Connected to any local bus, these modules can handle any type of signal, such as single- and double-throw contacts, thermocouples, RTDs, milliamp signals, etc., or provide milliamp, voltage, electronic or contact output signals. 

ouplers and bus modules

Data transmission in the Procontrol P13 system is performed with simple, two-level serial bus systems, local bus and intra-plant bus. The local bus interconnects all input, output and processing electronic modules which are part of a station. They are self-contained, working independently from any other local or intra-plant bus.

The intra-plant bus interconnects its related local buses via coaxial cables, which provides galvanic separation and dynamic data transfer. The local buses can be grouped together at the same location or geographically distributed over a larger area.

To interconnect Procontrol P13 local bus stations and connect to other systems, a variety of serial and Ethernet interfaces are available.

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  • Developed, manufactured and repaired in Switzerland
  • Extensive service and support center for P13 controls
  • Continous improvements and redesigns to ensure long-term support

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