Procontrol P14

ABB launched Procontrol™ P14 more than 35 years ago in 1977. Throughout its long life Procontrol P14 has proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient power plant automation systems on the market. With 500 installations in 46 countries all over the world it has a large, long-standing and loyal customer base.

Procontrol P14 is a complete power plant control system with a simple and flexible architecture that enables customers all over the world to meet the diverse operating and business needs of their markets. 

It comprises a total system solution:

  • Instrumentation and control
  • Operations and information management
  • Engineering and documentation
  • Configuration and programming
  • Diagnosis and maintenance
  • Turbine control


Why ABB?

ABB continues to invest and evolve Procontrol P14 to ensure that existing P14 customers will continue to have a complete power plant control system with cutting-edge capabilities.

  • Modular structure with little basic equipment makes the system scalable and ideal for all applications, from the smallest control task to large plant control systems
  • Uniform system for all control functions
  • Simple straightforward structure and functionalities that are easy to operate
  • Easy access to all data


ABB’s automation systems policy of ‘Evolution without obsolescence’ makes sure you can still capitalize on your past investment by ensuring that each new generation enhances its predecessors. Click here to learn more about the latest technology and how you can upgrade to it.

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