P14 I/Os

Full set of intelligent I/O modules

A complete set of I/O modules is provided for all analog & binary I/O, counter input, temperature input, inductive initiator input (Namur) and relay output. All modules have a processor providing efficient signal acquisition and conditioning. Permanent hardware and firmware self-diagnosis is done in the background during normal operation. Together with the binary and analog control module, the universal input module covers 80 percent of all power plant control functions, resulting in a control system with a clear structure, lower costs for stocking spares and simpler maintenance. 

The universal input module 81EU50R1210 provides specifically:

  • 16 universal input channels alternatively configurable as:
    • 16 channels each configurable for binary, analog or temperature inpput signals
    • 16 channels for binary input signals with time stamp
  • Wire break supervision
  • Onboard field supply voltage incl. supervision
  • Disturbance display / annunciation
  • Signal filtering and preprocessing
  • 4 limit values per analog signal

 Why ABB?

  • Standard cable connections to junction boxes avoid the need for marshaling rack
  • Universal Input modules with 16 channels, each channel configurable as analog or binary Input
  • All types of transmitters used in power plants can be connected to the I/O modules

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