India Energy Week 2024

ABB at India Energy Week 2024

Net additions with less emissions

Visit us at India Energy Week 2024 and discover how we are making a world of difference in the energy sector!

The oil and gas sector needs to strike a balance between ensuring a stable and affordable energy supply and working towards a low-carbon future. Reducing emissions and adding more capacity and diversity to India’s energy mix will help us meet the needs of a growing population and pave the way for a sustainable future. This approach requires a combination of technological advancements, policy interventions, and public participation. ABB Energy Industries is helping in India’s decarbonization journey through automation, electrification, and digital technologies.

Hear from our Speakers

Johan de Villiers

Regional Division President – ABB Energy Industries
India, Middle East, and Africa

Time & Date: Friday, 9 February 2024 @ 11:30 – 12:00

Location: Plenary Theatre 2

Panel Title: Unleashing the power of data for energy transformation.

Panel Synopsis: In today's digital age, data analytics, smart technology, and advanced monitoring systems provide invaluable insights into energy production, consumption, and distribution. Harnessing this wealth of information can empower us to optimize energy grids, reduce waste, and promote sustainability. Data-driven strategies enhance the integration of renewable sources, improve energy efficiency, and enable predictive maintenance, ensuring a reliable and resilient energy infrastructure. Moreover, data can play a pivotal role in building a more customer-centricity and more sustainable energy future. In this era, data is the linchpin for unlocking the full potential of energy transformation.

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Energy Industries – India

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