Facing challenges with the Energy Transition?

Is your organization looking to make future-oriented investments that minimize COemissions, reduce energy costs, and match energy supply with demand?

Do you need to make better-informed decisions, more quickly, by increasing connectivity and transparency of assets, having an automatic reporting system, and continuously analyzing consumption?

Are you seeking to manage sustainability according to ISO 50001, reducing your carbon footprint, and using renewable energy?

Consider OPTIMAX® for Industrial Sites.

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OPTIMAX® for Industrial Sites

OPTIMAX® for Industrial Sites is a scalable energy management and optimization solution (EMOS) for industrial sites, microgrids and smart cities that drives sustainable processes, achieving up to 10% energy cost reductions without impacting operations.

How it works

OPTIMAX® for Industrial Sites features a two step approach: Monitoring & Reporting and Control & Optimization.

Monitoring & Reporting generates accurate and intuitive and visualizations, helping you to comply to legal requirements (such as ISO50001) and identify energy efficiency improvement potential.

Additional benefit is unlocked by helping you optimize the way you orchestrate all of the energy vectors at your site. Control & Optimization provides day-ahead optimization based on weather and load forecasts. It then coordinates your energy resources in real time to balance supply and demand. This learning system calculates the optimum energy flow based on predictive data and compensates for deviation in real time.

With optimized supply and demand, industrial sites and microgrids can efficiently add low-cost but intermittent renewables without increasing the risk of impacting grid reliability or stability. When favorable pricing/production conditions exist, the sites and microgrids can even sell surplus energy production and capacity to drive revenues by actively participating in energy markets and engaging in demand response schemas.

Monitoring & reporting

  • Save time with one-click reporting

  • Comply with ISO50001

  • Identify areas for improvement

Control & real-time optimization

  • Reduce costs and emissions

  • Allow optimal sector coupling

Predictive optimization

  • Intra-Day and Day-Ahead Optimization

  • Optimal schedules based on forecasts, loads and prices, updated during the day

  • Avoid peak loads by optimally planning your energy assets

Forecasting, simulation & multi-site operation

  • Basic ML and enhanced AI Forecasting

  • Digital twin from the FEED phase

  • Multi-site benchmarking


Reduce costs & emissions

  • Lower energy costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce emissions by up to 100%

Save time

Spend up to 50% less time on reporting

Drive ROI

Accelerate ROI realization by 20%

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