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Controlling and optimizing Steam Networks in industrial sites is a complex, technical challenge. You must manage conflicting objectives, parallel equipment and a mix of fast and slow dynamic responses. DCS resident logics fail to properly address the control problem complexity, causing deteriorating control performance and increased operational cost.

OPTIMAX® for Steam & Power helps you meet these challenges. Take advantage of asset flexibility to reduce production cost via optimal orchestration of boilers, turbines and steam networks while improving steam supply reliability.

OPTIMAX® for Steam & Power considers equipment efficiency to properly allocate load on turbines and boilers, increasing the overall cogeneration plant efficiency and reducing the CO2 footprint.

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OPTIMAX® for Steam & Power is a software solution that considers the impact of fuel and power price changes by pulling data from the market in real-time, and indicates when to buy or generate power in-house to produce steam.

With OPTIMAX® for Steam & Power, businesses negotiate power-export plans with energy markets, allowing industrial cogeneration plants to participate in Day Ahead, Intraday, and Real-Time Demand-Response markets.

How it works

OPTIMAX® for Steam & Power combines the ABB OPTIMAX® environment with ABB’s dedicated Advanced Process Control application to enable superior management of complex steam networks.

This unique software solution maximizes revenue from ancillary services while delivering necessary steam to industrial users. It consistently delivers more-efficient steam-related operations by balancing steam supply with steam utilization. It also optimizes load allocation on boilers and turbines by considering equipment efficiency, while minimizing steam venting and use of pressure reduction valves.

Optimization through Advanced Process Control

  • Based on Model Predictive Control technology
  • Significantly improves process stability
  • Main steam pressure standard deviation is greatly reduced
  • Similar improvement is observed in all headers

Automation Power Import/Export trim

  • Variations in fuel and power prices drive the selection of the power plant operating mode
  • When purchased (or sold) power price is high compared with the internal cost of generation, more power is generated inhouse, and vice versa

Advisory vs. Closed Loop Optimization

  • The closed loop configuration continuously implements Optimizer decision by managing setpoints toward the underlying automation systems
  • Identifies ideal operating conditions, with no direct implementation of


Reduce costs

Reduce production costs by achieving up to 5% savings in steam.

Improve reliability

Improve steam supply reliability by reducing the number and severity of electrical events.

Recover investment

Recover your investment in less than a year.

CO2 footprint

Reduction by up to 5%.

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