Loop Performance Fingerprint

Identify and correct loop performance issues in process automation systems.

The Loop Performance Fingerprint is used to benchmark current control loop performance, identify issues that reduce control performance and outline and recommend an improvement plan. It is a primary tool in ABB’s proven methodology -- Diagnose, Implement and Sustain – in managing control systems and preventing system deterioration or unpredictable performance.

Delivered by a trained ABB engineer, the Loop Performance Fingerprint is based on proprietary software tools that simplify control loop data analysis and identify troublesome loops through data collection, model identification, feedback tuning, feed-forward tuning and controller simulation.

Delivery Schedule

It is a platform-independent, non-invasive service that can be applied to any automated process or control system to benchmark, correct and sustain performance.

Recommendations for improvements are delivered in a detailed report, prioritized based on resolutions that deliver the greatest benefits.

Improvements are made through the implementation of recommendations delivered in the fingerprint report, and benefits are sustained through a program of continuous monitoring via ABB’s ServicePort or through regularly scheduled fingerprint services.

Day 1

  • Project introduction meeting
Day 2
  • Set up data collection software
  • Begin collecting security data
  • Interview key plant personnel
  • Check data and make configurations accordingly
Day 3
  • Complete process data collections
  • Data analysis begins
  • Exit meeting
Day 4-5 (off site)
  • Complete data analysis
  • Prepare summary of findings and finalize report
  • Present findings

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