Find out why your industrial automation is more vulnerable to cyber-attack than you think, and what to do about it

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Information technology (IT) cyber security solutions tend to focus on locking down data when under cyber-attacks. 

This approach doesn’t work so well for operational technology (OT) used on automation controls.

Imagine, for example, a firewall blocking programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from opening and closing valves at an oil refinery.

At the same time, OT for process industries is becoming more like IT — increasingly using the same hardware, software, networking protocol, and operating systems.

Learn more by downloading this white paper.

This white paper demonstrates how this trend makes automation assets even more vulnerable to common viruses — and what you can do about it, including:

  • 10 questions to ask about your current cyber security policies
  •  5 fundamental steps you need to take to develop an effective cyber security program
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