ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for QCS transitions

Identify opportunities for optimal paper machine transitions

Performance Optimization for QCS transitions identifies, classifies and prioritizes opportunities to optimize transition times controlled by the Quality Control System (QCS). The service uses automated data collection and analysis to quickly identify issues and ensure optimal transitions, such as product grade and shade changes. Performance Optimization for QCS transitions collects data from paper machines (transition times, sheet breaks, weight, moisture, speed and additional DCS and QCS control loop parameters), and calculates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure times and conditions. These KPIs can then be addressed by mill or ABB service people to optimize transition times, resulting in higher production.

QCS Transition Performance Service becomes ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for QCS transitions, part of ABB Ability digital solutions portfolio.

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  • Continuous data analysis for faster optimization
  • Cost savings through remote diagnostics
  • Faster problem identification
  • Reduced product rejects
  • More efficient transitions
  • Decreased disturbances
  • Quicker grade changes
  • Fewer sheet breaks
  • Higher availability
  • Consistent quality


  • Biannual analysis by ABB experts to identify issues and recommend improvements
  • Configurable email alerts when KPIs are outside thresholds 
  • Automatic, non-invasive data gathering and statistical analysis of QCS transition data
  • On-site or remote access for customer and ABB service personnel
  • Consolidation and long-term storage of QCS transition data
  • Remote diagnosis and proactive support from ABB experts
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Secure communications

Scan: Expert analysis helps predict potential failures

To ensure that transitions are optimized, ABB provides periodic performance analyses called “Scans.” In a Scan, ABB experts evaluate gathered data to assess the health and performance of the transition situation of the Quality Control System, determine the statistical accuracy of the KPIs, and find trends that predict potential performance degradation. After diagnostic data is collected and evaluated, the resulting expert performance report (Scan Report) lists recommended actions to optimize transition performance.  

Scheduled monitoring and analysis to quickly diagnose performance issues  

Performance Optimization for QCS transitions conducts automatic, periodic calculation of KPIs and transition data for analysis to greatly reduce the time and effort needed to identify performance issues. Data is classified based on specific KPIs to provide a list of potential problems that are then prioritized based on severity, process area, criticality and/or financial impact. This analysis helps find the root causes of problems and trend performance history more accurately, developing information that can be acted upon by customer or ABB service people to speed transition times. 

More accurate troubleshooting with configurable KPIs

Performance Optimization for QCS transitions analyzes these KPIs to accelerate problem-solving and speed transitions:

  • Excessive Transition Time
  • Sheet Break
  • Weight Ramp Rate Under Limit
  • Excessive Weight Deviation
  • Excessive Moisture Deviation
  • Speed Ramp Rate Under Limit 

Clear view of data and analysis

This easy-to-use interface offers three separate views of the data:

1. View: Raw data allows customer and ABB service personnel to view actual controller data that can be associated with machine health and performance, collected before, during, and after the transition period, for further analysis

2. Scan: Automatic KPI analysis presents a summary of KPIs, ranked by severity, that are outside set limits, so that users can begin addressing issues in order of priority

3. Track: Users can specify sets of rules for KPIs and display each occurrence that falls outside a threshold, so that users can be proactively notified to address issues

Track: Critical notification when it matters most

To prioritize issues that require immediate action, site-specific rules can be applied to targeted KPIs. Any KPI that tracks outside customizable, pre-determined parameters triggers an instant alert via email or SMS. This quickly notifies users about issues that can compromise transitions, so they can be addressed as soon as they are detected. 

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