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Device Management, Fieldbus and Wireless

Use ABB device intelligence to save cost and to minimize maintenance

ABB’s Device Management Tools support the field instruments through their lifecycle, from planning, configuration and start up to diagnostics and maintenance. 

With ABB products and solutions, you get the best technology, reliability and service in the measurement business. Choose additional options, like the best fieldbus protocol for almost every application. 

Productivity enhancement by optimal value at each tier

Scalable Device Management
With ABB software you get a management tools for handling all aspects of field instruments engineering, commissioning and maintenance.
ABB tools
They extend traditional configuration functionality by also incorporating continuous asset condition monitoring and optimization.

The whole range of device management and services for device integration

Choose the right driver suitable for ABB field devices. Get for each protocol the latest software revision.

FDI device package

The FDI device package will serve all devices and tools. Each device comes with an FDI package used by all the tools or systems, including standalone PCs, field instruments, and process control and automation systems. The FDI device package makes sure all device management tools function with Devices without any issues, regardless of the manufacturer. Each host interprets a device driver slightly differently to fit into the layout of its user interface (UI) layout.

ABB utilizes the FDT/DTM technology

(Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager)
It provides supplier- and tool independent engineering and maintenance of field devices, regardless of manufacturer or protocol and thus removing the need for multiple tools.

The ABB Handheld is a universal portable configuration tool.

It allows easy parameterization of ABB and third party HART instruments. Every HART field device may be configured, polled, and trimmed using the ABB Handheld.
As a full function HART communicator, the Handheld supports Universal, Common Practice, and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations. 

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