Automation solution for custody transfer Spirit IT eXLerate

Spirit IT eXLerate is especially made for the control of oil & gas custody transfer systems. Operation, maintenance and management is highly automated. Measurement errors are automatically detected and even corrected.

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Spirit IT eXLerate is made and used for the automation of oil and gas measurement systems, such as custody transfer metering stations, calibration facilities, crude gathering stations, FPSO's and tank depots.

It not only provides the typical HMI (Human Machine Interface) functions such as communication with metering equipment and control devices, a Graphical User Interface, alarming, trending and reporting, but it also includes additional functions crucial for custody transfer such as hot-standby redundancy, 64-bit communication and flow and hydrocarbon property calculations.

Spirit IT eXLerate has special features that allow the automation of human activities related to custody transfer measurement such as instrument validations, meter ticket validation, meter equipment analysis and system audits. And it provides advanced self-diagnostic capabilities that help the user to stay in control of measurement in real-time.

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