Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series 

PGC5000B Smart Oven

ABB process gas chromatograph portfolio includes specialty gas chromatographs (process simulated distillation, temperature programmed, fast temperature programmed and total sulfur).


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Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series

PGC5000B Smart Oven 

ABB process gas chromatographs perform real-time analysis of the chemical composition of a process sample or stream -- crucial for on-spec processes and productivity.  PGC5000B Smart Ovens target simple applications with a fixed set of features.

The ABB PGC5000 Series process gas chromatograph is based on over 50 years of innovation in on-line process gas chromatographs. It simplifies gas chromatography and increases reliability. It provides everything you need to know about your GC – at your fingertips.

The PGC5000 Series has been designed for distributed control across multiple analytical Smart Ovens for limitless application approaches. There are two ovens, PGC5000B and PGC5000C, suitably equipped for the type of application engineered.

PGC5000B Smart Oven features:

  • Correctly sized and designed for simple configurations and maximum reliability
  • Designed for mission critical measurements
  • Standard detector configuration – sTCD, mTCD, FID and FPD capability
  • Smaller footprint allows for shelter size and utility reduction


Now available - PGC5000 Integrated controller

The PGC5000 Integrated Controller combines the core functionality of the PGC5000A Master Controller into either the PGC5000B or PGC5000C Smart Oven.


  • The end users can use the existing network available in the shelters to communicate with the process gas chromatographs, using either a standard PC, industrial tablet or Master Controller.
  • Wireless communication by adding a wireless access point device, i.e: MOXA device


  • Cost savings (SIUs, EPCs and End Users)
      - Reduces shelter footprint
      - Reduces HVAC capacity
      - Optimizes oven installation
  • Reduce analyzer costs 

PGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller features:

The PGC5000A Generation 2 Master Controller with new Graphical Driven HMI offers a fully functional touchscreen. Developing, editing and storing analysis methods are now easy. Programming is now a thing of the past. Just “point and click” is all that is required to access any of the analyzer functions. All of the major analyzer functions are identified on tabs making it easy to know where to go to access information when needed.

  • 10” SVGA touch screen with multi-touch control supports the HMI
  • Simple tab layout for ease-of-use
  • Universal touchscreen
  • Intrinsically safe fiber optic connections to multiple Smart Ovens
  • Redundant Ethernet ports for guaranteed data transfers
  • Standard USB ports for convenient system updates
  • Direct MODBUS communication
  • Comprehensive I/O options




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