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Guided wave radar
LWT300 series

Unlike traditional guided-wave radars that use device parameters requiring multiple adjustments, the LWT300 series of instruments does it for you.

The instrument uses LevelExpert™, a built-in intelligence to differentiate between the actual level and other false signals.

Fieldbus & HART

LevelExpert concentrates 20 years of industrial level measurement experience into an intelligent instrument made to accurately detect levels, even in the most demanding conditions.

Forget about baseline mapping and echo selection; LevelExpert knows how to find the right level through the clutter. The expert is now inside your guided-wave radar.

LWT300 series instruments cover a wide range of applications. They can meet your needs for applications up to 200 °C (392 °F) and 200 bars (2900 psi).


2 mm or 0.03 %

1 mm

Temperature drift (digital)
0.001 %/°C

60 m

Update rate
5 Hz

Ambient operating
–40 to 80 °C(-104 to 176 F)

–50 to 204 °C (-122 to 400 F)

–40 to 85 °C (-104 to 185 F)

Process seal type vs temperature rating
• Viton (–26 to 204 °C [–15 to 400 °F])
• Kalrez (–20 to 204 °C [–4 to 400°F])
• EPDM (–55 to 120 °C [–67 to 248 °F])
• Markez (–10 to 204 °C [14 to 400 °F])

Process pressure
207 bar at 38 °C/3000 psi at 100 °F
83 bar at 204 °C/1200 psi at 400 °F

Dielectric constant
1.4 (minimum)

Process viscosity
• Coaxial probe: 500 cp
• Single probe: 10,000 cp

Power supply
15.5 to 42 V

Power consumption
• 56 mW (@ 15.5 V, 3.6 mA)
• 325 mW (@ 15.5 V, 21 mA)

Line resistance
1740 Ω (maximum @ 36 V, 21 mA)

Enclosure material
Powder coated aluminum or 316 L stainless steel

Protection class

Process connections
3/4 in. (LWT310) or 1 1/2 in. (LWT320)

ASME flanges from 1-1/2 in. to 8 in., class 150 to 900
DN flanges from DN 20 to DN 200, PN25 to PN160

Integrated 128 × 64 pixels liquid crystal display (LCD) with through-the-glass (TTG) interface

Wetted materials
• Duplex 2205 stainless steel
• Super duplex 2507 stainless steel
• C-276 alloy
• 304L stainless steel
• 316L stainless steel


The Version Matrix document shows, for each protocol, the Software Revision that’s compatible to the Hardware and Firmware Revision of the device.

Read first: 
Version Matrix


Download software and relevant documents:


Software:                                            DTMEDDFDI

Supplementary information:               Driver description


Stand-alone tools
ABB offers software tools that use the drivers listed in the table above for your device configuration and monitoring requirements.
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