Making a world of difference in battery manufacturing

Optimizing production and maximizing product quality through accurate measurement

The transition to renewable energy sources is seeing a global boom in electrification and energy storage as society shifts from relying on fossil fuels. One impact has been a dramatic increase in the demand for lithium-ion batteries for everything from electric vehicles through to battery energy storage systems.

To meet this demand, battery producers must ensure optimum performance of their production lines, making accurate measurement of the various production steps vitally important. With our long history of providing high-tech products to the chemical industry, we have the right measurement and digital solutions for every step of the battery manufacturing process.

Download our interactive presentation to learn how ABB’s solution can benefit your production process.

Discover ABB’s flatness, tension, and thickness measurement solutions play a part in battery manufacturing.

ABB provides solutions to the battery industry to ensure that batteries are produced to the highest levels of quality and safety.

Within this interactive presentation you will find out about the different steps within the manufacturing process where ABB can support with our flatness, thickness and tension measurement solutions including:

  • Anode and cathode foil production
  • Coating
  • Drying
  • Calendaring/pressing
  • Slitting
  • Winding and Stacking
  • Separator production

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