Sustainability relies on measurement

For ABB, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship, and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders. We actively contribute to a more sustainable world, leading by example in our own operations and partnering with customers and suppliers to enable a low-carbon society, preserve resources, and promote social progress.

Working with customers towards 2030 sustainability goals

At Measurement & Analytics, sustainability is a core part of the value we create for our customers and stakeholders. Building on our extensive heritage and experience in pioneering technology, we invest in the future through teamwork with our customers helping them overcome their biggest challenges.

Listening to them, we develop solutions that enable them to reach their economic and sustainable goals, increasing efficiency in operations and reducing costs. By supporting them in the preservation of precious resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, we help them to achieve a low-carbon society.

Through our constant innovation combined with our own people’s dedication, we not only make measurement easy, we also work together towards building the communities of the future in a cleaner, more productive, sustainable world.

Enabling sustainability and working with customers

Our goal is to help customers increase top line growth, reduce costs, support in reducing regulatory and legal intervention, uplift their productivity and optimize their investments and assets. We achieve this by developing accessible, innovative digital technologies and advanced digital services which provide the actionable data insights that enable our customers to take a more sustainable approach to industrial operations and energy production across the globe.
Our innovative technology enables our customers to strengthen their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) propositions, improving their long-term impact on people, planet and on business performance. Measurement & Analytics products and solutions help customers take their business value beyond technical valuations, enabling them to outperform for society and investors alike both today and in the future. This in turn leads to top-line growth, and a significant reduction in costs, all of which leads to investment and asset optimization.

Integrity & transparency across our value chain

At Measurement & Analytics we focus on integrity and transparency across our value chain. We promote social progress by working to ensure our people and contractors work in an environment that enables them to enhance and sustain the quality of their working lives, creating conditions that enable them to fulfill their potential. In addition, we have a policy of zero harm, and a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) framework.

We are currently close to reaching our initial target of 25% of senior ABB management roles held by women with the full intention of continuing to increase this percentage. We also help our customers attract and retain their employees, enhancing employee motivation by supporting them in their development of their ESG criteria. We also expect our suppliers to ensure that they too are doing their part for sustainability as we all work together towards a circular economy.

Our culture is not purely based around corporate actions or the work we do with our channel partners and customers. Each one of us within the Measurement & Analytics division, whether in management, sales or in our factories, has their part to play. Sustainability is about consistency, about the adoption of key habits whether on an individual or collective level. Our Service team is also maintaining high standards on both safety and sustainability.

We act with integrity & transparency in line with ABB Group sustainability targets

Enabling a low-carbon society

We help our customers to reduce their impact on the environment by measuring their emissions, advancing the green energy transition and enabling process efficiency.

Preserving precious resources

With our solutions we are also helping to preserve precious resources, and we help our customers provide clean & safe drinking water to communities.

Promoting social progress

We take care of our employees and promote social progress around the world

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