Digital positioner

The TZIDC-120 is an electronically configurable positioner with communication capabilities designed for mounting to linear or rotary actuators. Standard performance with FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Fieldbus & HART


The TZIDC-120 represents the digital, intelligent positioner for communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus within the positioner family. Unmatched shock and vibration immunity of 10 g up to 80 Hz distinguishes the TZIDC-120 from other‘s and guarantee reliable operation in almost all areas under harshest environmental conditions.


General specifications:

  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication
  • FF device registration: IT campaign no. IT 016800, ITK-Ver. 4
  • Easiest commissioning and operation on site due to local operation and auto adjustment
  • Worldwide Intrinsic Safety approvals
  • Robust design and flexible in use with linear and rotary actuators

Fieldbus & HART – TZIDC-120

ABB’s freedom of choice offers the right driver for the major fieldbus protocols suitable for ABB devices.
The version matrix document shows for each protocol the software revision that’s compatible to the hardware and firmware revision of the device.

Software and documentation:

  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
    – Software: EDD/CF

Stand-alone tool:
ABB offers software tools that use the listed drivers in the table above for your device configuration and monitoring requirements. Read more & download

Fieldbus solutions:
ABB offers a wide range of fieldbus products, accessories, tools, support documentations, applications and news. Read more


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