ABB Ability™ SmartMaster

Connecting the physical and digital world to unlock the power of data

ABB Ability™ SmartMaster is an on premise & cloud-based smart ecosystem, designed for industrial plants. It connects the physical and digital world & sends valuable information from the field straight to your phone, tablet or other device. SmartMaster empowers you to improve efficiency, maintain installed base and drive innovation.
SmartMaster enables predictive maintenance for all ABB Instrumentation devices
Connecting the physical and the digital world, bringing Engineering, Operational, Process and diagnostic data together in one easy to navigate dashboard - On-premise or cloud options available
Collecting engineering, process, operational, IT and device data, bringing it together in one place enabling better decision making and maintenance planning.

Introducing ABB Ability™ SmartMaster

ABB Ability SmartMaster is the next generation verification tool suite and a condition monitoring platform for use with a range of ABB devices. Download the software (includes the relevant Verification Definition File (VDF) to provide the best possible check of measurement accuracy, without stopping your process. SmartMaster verifies the condition and performance of the device under test. With the licensed software version, test reports can be generated and stored locally for further analysis. Results can also be compared with historical measurements using the trending function.

Building on ABB's fingerprint philosophy, each device is verification tested before it leaves the factory. The software enables the operator to choose whether to use either the factory fingerprint or to create a new fingerprint based on real site conditions after product commissioning. All verifications performed in the field can then be compared with the fingerprint data and previous tests to ensure device performance has not degraded.

SmartMaster is a solution which verifies device diagnostic data remotely via a developed platform without interrupting ongoing measurement.

Onboarded devices can undergo verification with any of the communication pillars below:
  • ABB DCS FIM connectivity
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ethernet (OPC UA) connectivity
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