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ABB Ability™ Verification
for measurement devices

The best possible check of measurement accuracy, without removal from the process.

Helping to reduce the cost of maintenance and enhancing process performance



The verification tool has been designed for use with a large  range of ABB devices, enabling users to check health and measurement performance of their instruments.

The tool analyzes the products internal diagnostics and is ideally suited for customers with regulatory and custody transfer requirements.


  • Q: Is the software free of charge?   
    A: The software can be downloaded free of charge and a basic health check performed, this basic check does not cover all internal diagnostics or provide a certificate with the pass / fail status used for Quality assurance or regulatory purposes

  • Q: How to order the software license?   
    A: The software can be ordered from your local ABB office, follow this link for detailed instructions on the process

  • Q: Why can’t I have Field information manager software and SRV500 software open at the same time?   
    A: If both software tools are running Windows operating system decides which software has access to the ports which your modem is connected to, we recommend you close the software that is not currently being used and use them one by one
  • Q: What operating systems does the software run on?   
    A: Windows 10 enterprise, 8.1 and 7
  • Q: What is the system requirements needed to install and use the software? 
    A: A laptop or PC running 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10 | 2 GB RAM minimum | 50 MB free storage space | USB port to connect a modem to the device

Reporting a software bug
To help us improve our software please complete this form. Please also check our FAQs section to understand if there is already a fix in place to your enquiry.

Thank you for your time


Supported product lines

The software supports a range of ABB devices including:
  • Electromagnetic flow meter product lines
    –  AquaAmaster4
    –  WaterMaster
    –  ProcessMaster FEX300 | FEX500
    –  ProcessMaster FEX610 | FEX630
  • Vortex and swirl flow meter lines
    –  VortexMaster
    –  SwirlMaster
  • Supported communication protocols
    – HART
    – NFC
    – IR
  • Software language
    – English


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