Pressductor PillowBlock Load cells - horizontal force measurement


In many strip processes, the strip tension inherently produces a horizontal force component on a roll... or, by design, it can be made to do so.

Using this horizontal force component to measure strip tension can be highly advantageous. The load cell can be sized to measure just the strip tension, excluding the tare weight of the roll. The result is optimized measurement accuracy.

Another advantage is that ABB’s unique horizontal load cell – specifically designed to measure this force component – provides stiffness levels and overload tolerances in all force directions that are significantly greater than what can be achieved with vertical load cells.
Pressductor® Technology


Properties PFTL201C/CE
Nominal load
(rated capacity) kN 10.0 20.0 50.0
Lbs. 2250 4500 11250
Extended load kN 15.0 30.0 75.0
Lbs. 3375 6750 16875
Permitted load
Transverse direction kN 100.0 200.0 250.0
(vertical) h=300 mm Lbs. 22500 4500 56250
Overload capacity
Measurement direction
(horizontal) kN 100.0 200.0 500.0
Lbs. 22500 45000 112500
Transverse direction
(vertical) h=300 mm kN 100.0 200.0 250.0
Lbs. 22500 45000 56250
Deflection mm 0.010 0.020 0.050
1/1000 inch 0.4 0.8 2.0
Spring constant kN/mm 1000 1000 1000
1000 Lbs./inch 5720 5720 5720

Properties PFTL201D/DE
Nominal load
(rated capacity) kN 50.0 100.0
Lbs. 11250 22500
Extended load kN 75.0 150.0
Lbs. 16875 33750
Permitted load
Transverse direction kN 500.0 500.0
(horizontal) h=300 mm Lbs. 112500 112500
Overload capacity
Measurement direction
(vertical) kN 500.0 1000.0
Lbs. 112500 225000
Transverse direction
(horizontal) h=300 mm kN 500.0 500.0
Lbs. 112500 112500
Deflection mm 0.025 0.050
1/1000 inch 1.0 2.0
Spring constant kN/mm 2000 2000
1000 Lbs./inch 11440 11440

Pressductor® Technology

The first Pressductor transducer was developed in Västerås, Sweden, in the early 1950's and patented in 1954.

ABB's well-known Pressductor® Technology is a measurement principle based on the magnetoelastic effect - the magnetic properties of a material are influenced by the mechanical force applied to it.

When exposed to mechanical force, ABB's Pressductor transducer produces measurement signals as a result of changes in magnetic fields. (Move your mouse over the illustration to see these changes.) Because these signals are not contingent upon physical movement or deformation, the load cells combine sensitivity with extraordinary tolerance to overloads and virtually no built-in limit to the number of load cycles.

The ABB Pressductor transducers produces high-power, low-impedance AC signals that are very resistant to electrical interference and earth faults.

ABB's Pressductor transducer stands for unbeatable load cell performance, thanks to its unique combination of accuracy, overload capacity and ability to withstand harsh environments. By using this technology you will achieve higher quality and reliability, especially under demanding conditions.


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