Subsea flow measurement made easy

DeepSeaMaster is a flowmeter used on the sea bed, either in the injection of additives or to measure product, often at depths of many hundreds of meters. The meter is designed to handle high pressures (both externally and internally), low ambient temperatures coupled with higher fluid temperatures and to survive where both the environment and the process fluid are aggressive.



Reliable flow measurement systems – proven at extremes of pressure, temperature and depth

DeepSeaMaster can be supplied based on classical DP metering techniques, such as venturi tubes and conical entrance orifice plates, depending upon the fluid to be measured. 

Materials of construction are a critical factor in sub-sea applications, as resistance to severe erosion and corrosion is essential. DeepSeaMaster can be fabricated from a wide range of alternative materials, although Duplex, Super Duplex and overlaid constructions (e.g. AISI 4130 to API6A PSL3, Alloy 625 lined) are common.

All units are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the individual requirements of the project.

DeepSeaMaster is supplied with comprehensive certification and documentation and is subject to stringent testing. ABB supplies the material traceability certificates that the industry needs to ensure the quality and suitability of the material used in the manufacture of all subsea flow elements.


DeepSeaMaster is usually supplied for either 2-1/16 and 5-⅛ inch diameter pipelines and are rated up to API 10000.  The metering element is a Venturi tube (for normal applications) or a meter run with conical entrance orifice plate (for applications with low flow and/or at low Reynolds Numbers).

DeepSeaMaster is designed to API 6A, & API 17D  and can be supplied without transmitters, or with a single (or dual for redundancy) subsea transmitter, with/without subsea umbilicals.  A subsea manifold  or double block & bleed valves (optionally retrievable) can be supplied.

Typical Applications include :

  • MEG (MonoEthylene Glycol) injection to control hydrate formation
  • Dry and wet hydrocarbon gas compositions
  • Light oil and heavy liquids at low Reynolds Numbers


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