More than a gauge

Due to its heavy duty construction and the stability of its measuring principle, the MTG Box Gauge can be used in locations where it is impossible for other gauges to function.

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Giant leap

 A giant leap for aluminium strip gauging!

Twenty years ago ABB launched a thickness gauge for nonferrous strip based on Pulsed Eddy Current technology. Since then many users have experienced the advantages with a technology that is neither dangerous nor affected by the normal conditions in a rolling mill. Now this technology has been developed one step further.
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Gapless gauging

Gapless gauging

Traditionally commercially available strip thickness gauges consist of two measuring elements, one on each side of the strip. The strip passes between the two measuring elements and a thickness signal is established thru radiometric, mechanical, inductive, capacitive or optical method.

The size of the measuring gap varies from zero to several hundreds of millimeters. In a rolling process such a gap might limit the possible pass line variations to such an extent that it endangers the whole process.

After years of research ABB now proudly presents a solution to this problem; the MTG Box Gauge GAPLESS thickness measurement! This revolutionary gauge can measure the thickness just from one side – no receiver is needed above the strip.
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Flexible mounting

Flexible mounting!

The MTG Box Gauge from ABB measures aluminium strip thickness from only one side of the strip. It is just a small box which can basically be fitted anywhere in the mill – No big frame is required. Because the gauge is insensitive to mill coolants, heat, steam and dust, it is even possible to mount it inside the mill stand!
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Centerline measurement

Centerline measurement!

The Millmate Thickness Gauge from ABB has been used in non-ferrous rolling mills for more than twenty years. The gauge is based on Pulsed Eddy Current, an ABB patented technology which offers unique values in a rolling mill environment. Until recently, this technology was limited to measuring thickness close to the strip edge.

The gauge design has been improved and instead of the C-frame you now have the possibility to use just a box. Now the new MTG Box Gauge offers the opportunity to measure anywhere across the strip; including on the centerline.
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The safe gauge

The safe gauge!

Imagine a thickness gauge without concerns:
  • No radiation issues. 
  • No health checks.
  • No safety procedures.  
  • No frequent calibration.  
  • No mechanical interference with the strip.  
  • No alloy influence. 
  • No environmental influence.

The MTG Box Gauge from ABB is the solution to all those worries!

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No risk for mechanical impact

No risk for mechanical impact!

The MTG Box Gauge from ABB measures aluminium strip thickness without any upper jaw that may interfere with the strip path. There is only a small box which can be hidden in the roller table. During threading the MTG Box Gauge is retracted below the table in a protected position. When rolling, it automatically finds the optimal measuring distance of 15-20 mm. Basically, this means that there is no risk of a severe mechanical impact caused by the strip hitting the gauge head.
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Coolant on strip

Coolant on strip – No influence!

A square wave electric current is applied to coils which then emit weak magnetic fields to the surroundings. If a metal strip is in the vicinity, the field energy will penetrate and saturate the metal. When the current is shut off the magnetic field is reversed and a response signal is captured by receiver coils. The size and shape of this response signal is entirely dependent on metal in the immediate proximity, all other substances are invisible to the gauge. This is what makes it possible to measure distance, shape and resistivity while being unaffected by the environment.

Coolants have no influence at all on the measurement signal.
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