White Papers and Journals

Conference Papers and Journals

  1. Integration of Wireless Hart Into DCS For Asset Monitor Applications
  2. When HART Goes Wireless: Understanding and Implementing the WirelessHART Standard
  3. Wireless Communication in Process Automation: A Survey of Opportunities, Requirements, Concerns and Challenges
  4. A Comparison of WirelessHART and ZigBee for Industrial Applications
  5. WirelessHART signals a change at plant 
  6. Efficient integration of secure and safety critical industrial wireless sensor networks
  7. Enabling process control over WirelessHART 
  8. Prolonging wireless HART network lifetime using packet aggregation (For more information, visit IEEE explore)                                                                                                                                           

  9. Simulation of Process Control with WirelessHART Networks Subject to Packet Losses
  10. Multihop multi-channel scheduling for wireless control in WirelessHART networks (For more information, visit IEEE explore)

 ABB Presentations

  1. Wireless Communication in Industrial Systems
  2. Wireless Communication in the Oil Industry
  3. Trends & Research in Process Automation

ABB White papers

  1. Imperial College carbon capture pilot plant – An example of wireless temperature transmitter harnessing the energy from environment 
  2. Wireless communication supports the lifetime extension of oil and gas production
  3. Wireless Gas Detectors Find Application in Off-Shore Platforms
  4. Taking advantage of wireless in process plants with existing HART devices
  5. WirelessHART signals a change at plant

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