WirelessHART Information and FAQs

ABB supplies wirelessHART instruments and seamless integration into ABB system800xA Control system. WirelessHART was developed by HART Communication Foundation companies, including ABB. It was initiated as a standard in early 2004 and provides a wireless protocol for the full range of process measurement, control, and asset management. It is one of the most widely spread communication protocol for process instrumentation nowadays.

WirelessHART is characterized by implementation simplicity, reliability and security. It operates on the free license radio band of 2.4GHz and complies with IEEE 802.15.4-2006. For more information, visit the HART Communication Foundation.

ABB supplies WirelessHART instruments as part of its wireless products portfolio: WiMon, Wireless temperature with or without harvester and Wireless pressure.

WirelessHART FAQs

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