Collaboration drives quality and operational goals for UK paper mill

ABB and DS Smith Kemsley paper mill's long-standing relationship has helped drive strategic evolution. Adrian Clark, Electrical and Automation Development Manager for the mill, discusses ABB's impact.

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How has ABB's Quality Management Solutions supported your quality goals?

"We have three paper machines on site all with advanced control systems that we have developed over the years. We see ABB as a good partner in optimizing these assets and delivering the product quality we believe our customers deserve."

How has ABB provided ongoing support for DS Smith Kemsley paper mill's process optimization initiatives and operational targets?

"We have a service agreement with ABB. We now use the service agreement with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to maximize and optimize our process and measure what we deliver with ABB."

With a long history together, what has formed the successful working partnership between the two organizations?

"Our systems have evolved over a number of years. We have worked collaboratively with ABB to develop these systems to improve the process and the quality of the paper that we produce and deliver."

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