Optimize quality and costs with automated testing for paper and board

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ABB’s newest L&W Autoline is the fastest and most reliable automated paper testing solution, delivering accurate and repeatable quality reports in minutes.

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As a paper or board producer, your goal is to consistently produce a high-quality product while optimizing operational costs. That’s why frequent and reliable quality information is a must. 

While online sensors indicate process trends, they cannot test final product qualities. Only laboratory paper testing can provide quality information for all paper properties.

This is a time-consuming, manual process in most of today’s labs. From sample preparation and conditioning, to running multiple tests, writing down individual measurements and preparing quality reports, traditional testing leads to costly waiting time.

Online scanners provide information to optimize product; additional testing is needed for final product quality information.

Lack of CD profiles from lab measurements leads to missed optimization opportunity

Manual testing only captures a limited number of positions; Automated system can make more frequent measurements, e.g. every 30 cm across a 10 m wide machine, in the same time or less.

Manual testers typically take measurements at only three positions across the machine. However, most of the severe quality problems are found in the cross direction, which is difficult and resource-intensive to test manually.

Without the ability to capture all irregularities, it can lead to blind spots and inevitably customer complaints.

With detailed CD information, mills can verify online sensors and adjust the cross-machine profile of parameters such as moisture, basis weight, thickness and gloss. Without this holistic view, its challenging to control these parameters and quality suffers.  

Gain a competitive edge with automated testing for paper and board

From the originator of automated paper testing comes the next-generation system that reduces testing time while increasing testing volumes. 

ABB’s newest L&W Autoline is the fastest and most reliable automated paper testing solution, delivering accurate and repeatable quality reports in minutes.  This enables mills to make more informed decisions and take quicker corrective action, while increasing profit potential.

  • Queues samples with trouble-free feeding
  • Automates sample preparation
  • Conforms to ISO/TAPPI industry standards
  • Measures more than one-hundred quality parameters by CD position.
  • Produces the final reel report.

That translates to an easy-to-use system that provides faster tests, more information and better results.

L&W Autoline enables you to have traceable quality data for all paper and board delivered, leading to less claims and better customer experiences.

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