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L&W Autoline

Fast, accurate and reliable automated paper testing

In today’s competitive market place, costs have been cut to the bone. The largest potential for cost savings now comes from incremental changes in the paper making process. To achieve these cost savings an accurate measurement of the process is required.

It has long been recognized that the traditional system of manually gathering and testing paper samples can produce inaccuracies.  Reducing measurement uncertainty or test variability is at the heart of what L&W Autoline provides the modern paper mill.This reliability improvement, combined with quick access to test results, allow the paper maker to shift production targets, and achieve more consistent performance. This is where the potential for savings can be found.

L&W Autoline has been able to greatly reduce or even eliminate traditional sources of variation in paper testing, such as:

– Operator and instrument variation

– Sample Preparation

– Testing in the true MD and CD direction

– Same Position Testing

– Increasing the number of data points

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