L&W Profile Trimmer

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With L&W Profile Trimmer, you can cut a 300 mm wide sample strip from most paper or board samples. This sample can then be tested in L&W Autoline or L&W TSO Tester. L&W ProfileTrimmer is a precision sample cutter. In the paper mill it is the ideal solution when access to the jumbo reel is limited. It is electrically powered and can be controlled by a foot pedal. The sample is fed between a rubber-coated roller and a roller with a rough metal surface. The feeding roller pressure can be adjusted pneumatically. When cutting thick grades, more pressure is needed to keep the sample straight. Thinner paper requires more careful handling and lower pressure.
  • Universal use:
    – Punch and die made of tempered tool steel
    – Simultaneously cutting of the test piece all four sides 
    – Slanting edges allows cutting of thick materials with moderate pressure

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