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Lorentzen & Wettre products | Testing and industry-specific instruments and automated paper testing

Accurate and reliable measurement solutions to ensure pulp and paper properties meet targets

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Whether it’s the strength, texture, stiffness, thickness, brightness, color – or any of the many properties that affect how raw materials are turned into exactly the product a consumer wants – ABB's L&W product line performs the measurements needed to ensure the paper product turns out according to targets.

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Best-in-class service

As the worldwide market leader for paper testing, including both calibration and maintenance services, we provide specialized instrument testing using L&W-specific calibration devices that are regularly certified.

Reliability based on 40 years of experience

The quality of the paper testing portfolio is a testament to the reliability and innovation of Lorentzen & Wettre, who pioneered automated paper testing more than four decades ago. This is further validated by the thousands of L&W paper testing instruments in use today, as well as 500 L&W Autoline systems.

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