L&W Autoline Gloss | Automated gloss measurement for paper and board

Why measure gloss?

Gloss helps images and text look sharper and more vibrant, and is important for visual appearance;  however, too much gloss can make a paper overly shiny and difficult to read. Gloss must be applied in a certain amount to achieve the right balance between readability and reflective properties. On paperboards, the correct amount of gloss also conveys quality and luxury on packaging for higher-end products.

Accurate and reliable measurement

L&W Autoline Gloss

ABB’s L&W Autoline Gloss automates the measurement of gloss, and is designed for usability, accuracy and consistency. Built on proven L&W stand-alone technology, the module has a large measuring area for optimum measuring repeatability and uses an LED lamp for reliable results and low operational costs.


  • Options available for simultaneous upper and lower measurements
  • Conforms to industry standards
  • Enables high resolution CD information
  • Check device for quick calibration 

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