Test your sample in an L&W Autoline


If your mill is testing paper quality manually, you may be losing profit. 

From running multiple tests in multiple positions, writing down results and preparing your reports, it’s time-consuming and resource intensive to manually transform test data into useful quality information for operational improvements.

There’s a better way. Automated paper testing is proven to significantly reduce waiting time, both increasing testing volumes and accuracy. To demonstrate the value this could bring to your mill, we'd like to invite you to send in a sample and we will test it for you with our industry-leading L&W Autoline.

Sign up and we'll be in touch with the requirements for your sample. We'll then schedule a time for the North American Pulp and Paper tour to stop at your mill for a working demonstration of the L&W Autoline of your sample. 


Why choose automated testing?

Automated paper testing has been available to paper and board mills for several decades now, and the mills that use such systems are reaping the benefits of faster process optimization, improved quality compliance and reduced off-spec product.

Mills who move to ABB’s newest L&W Autoline can make more informed decisions and take quicker corrective action with accurate and repeatable quality reports in minutes. Choosing ABB's automated paper testing system means:

  • Automated sample preparation
  • Queued samples with trouble-free feeding
  • Quick and accurate measurement and reporting
  • Conformance to ISO/TAPPI industry standards
  • More than one-hundred quality parameters measured by CD position.

That translates to an easy-to-use system that provides faster tests, more information and better results.

Limited time offer to try out ABB's newest automated paper testing system.

See how much more you can get from automated testing—with your actual samples!

*Offer only available to pulp, paper and packaging mills located in the United States and Canada.
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