Process measurements

Optimize paper machine runnability and pulp and stock preparation without compromising quality


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Paper manufacturing is one of the most complex industrial processes in the world today. It is, of course, impossible to manually control all the settings of a modern paper machine. The speed of the manufacturing process and the quality requirements of the finished product are such that it is only by using modern measurement and control techniques that it is possible to achieve quality targets.

Online freeness and fiber measurements

Compared with other traditional indirect measurements, ABB's online measurements for fiber and freeness provide paper makers with complete information on fiber properties, refining effect, fiber mix and key quality variables—Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) and Schopper-Riegler (SR)—to help them monitor and control pulp quality.

Moisture measurements

ABB's moisture sensors are used throughout the entire paper manufacturing process; in the forming, pressing, coating and drying sections and are finally applied to the finished paper.

Process optimization measurements

ABB's process measurement solutions, including consistency transmitters, pulp samplers, retention measurement and sheet break detectors, enable accurate and frequent measurements.
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