L&W Felt Moisture Meter

Optimize the press section with industry-leading felt moisture measurement

Press felts must be cleaned and conditioned to enable the felt to take water and be de-watered uniformly throughout its lifetime. Having accurate measurement of felt status is therefore imperative for not only a cost-effective and efficient felt conditioning program, but also for maximizing machine runnability— and profitability

L&W Felt Moisture Meter provides paper mills, felt and chemical suppliers with industry-standard results for felt moisture measurement. By detecting press felt compacting, crowning, clogging, and wear as well as the effectiveness of your felt conditioning, suppliers can provide more precise recommendations and paper mills can extend and optimize performance. 

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Moisture analysis uncovers:

  • Clogged suction boxes

  • Insufficient vacuum capacity

  • Plugged suction roll

  • Shower moisture distribution

  • Press roll problems

  • Felt imperfections

  • A plugged felt

  • Improper water balance 

  • Press bounce (vibration) 

Did you know that a 1% increase of the dry content in the press section = 4% reduction in energy use in the dryer section?
The instrument measures moisture in both machine and cross direction up to 3000 gH2O/m2, providing 1000 measurements per second. It captures the amount of water inside the void volumes of your felt for further analysis and comparison. When capturing HD data in an online scanner, the software can present both 2-and-3D images.


  • Dual purpose: In online scanners and for handheld use
  • Enhanced safety and ease-of-use features available for both manual testing and online scanner operation (keyless start/stop)
  • Intuitive software user interface provides:
    - MD/CD profiles for regular inspections 
    - 2D and 3D-data mapping to safely and easily visualize problem areas
    - Graphical Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) finds peaks that appear at certain frequencies


  • Overcomes high energy costs in the dryer section 
  • Improves shutdown planning and reduces unplanned ones
  • Maximizes machine speed 
  • Optimizes felt conditioning with optimum levels of vacuum, chemical dosage, high pressure water consumption 
  • Enables best overall felt lifecycle performance 
  • Improves paper quality and reduces sheet breaks
  • Enables more informed troubleshooting

Obtain a finer data point by pairing with L&W Felt Permeability Meter

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