L&W Fiber Online

Better optimize control and refining with more frequent and reliable fiber morphology measurement


Mills often have insufficient resources for true visibility into fiber quality. 

L&W Fiber Online is an image-based measurement system that provides an accurate and comprehensive assessment of fiber quality in real time. Compared with traditional in direct measurements, such as Schopper-Riegler (SR), the image-based measurements provide a more accurate pulp quality status in the wet end for precise optimization of fiber usage. Paper makers can easily pinpoint and follow trends on furnish quality, close the control loop, and reduce variations.

Measurements according to standards
L&W Fiber Online solves the problem of detecting quality issues too late to take action by discovering variations as early in the process as in stock preparation to take corrective action sooner and meet quality specs. This system measures fiber properties according to international standards; it is based on ABB’s well-known L&W Fiber Tester Plus. Fiber properties are categorized and presented as mean values and statistical distributions of width, length, shape factor, two classes of fines (P and S) and macro fibrillation. 


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Visualization options offer insight for quick operator action

Dashboards can be used to identify items that require urgent action:

-Operational status



  • Absolute measurement - no calibration
  • Based on ABB’s proven L&W Fiber Tester Plus
  • Automatic online process sampling at up to 4 measurement points 
  • Measures according to ISO and TAPPI standards 
  • Monitors fines and fibrils, providing micofibril area and perimeter and fibril index 
  • Frequent data with 100s of measurements per day enabling operators to correct control actions
  • Provides evaluation of refiner plates performance
  • Automatic opening and cleaning measurement cell
  • Internal vacuum system to remove air bubbles 
  • Few moving parts
  • Integration with ABB Ability™ System 800xA


  • Provides fast and accurate classification of pulp quality
  • Better control and optimize the mix coming to paper machine
  • Gain a more complete understanding of tensile strength than traditional measurements
  • Enables closed loop control for more consistent quality 
  • Excellent correlation to lab measurement results
  • Low maintenance requirements and cost
  • Increases mill profitability

Get a complete picture of dewatering status and fiber quality in real time by adding L&W Freeness Online. ABB also offers a combination unit that provides both fiber and freeness measurements.

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