L&W Fiber Tester Plus

L&W Fiber Tester Plus measures fiber quality quickly and easily and is at the same time an instrument for advanced analysis of fiber dimensions. It is fully automated and comes with a carousel with 6 glass beakers. The instrument is intended and optimized for laboratories and has a compact design.

L&W Fiber Tester Plus measures fiber length, width, fines (P&S), shape factor, macrofibrils and coarseness by image analysis. Software and hardware modules for crill is available as well as software modules for vessel cells, minishives, local deformations (kink) and calculations of fiber mixes. The images taken of the fibers are displayed during measurements. It is also possible to save images of the fibers as well as of detected objects for later viewing.


  • Optimize refiner process, by evaluating new refiner plates and when they need to be changed:
    – Measuring fibril perimeter and area
  • Evaluate new applications of fiber usage:
    – Measuring fiber length, width, fines
  • Easy to place:
    – Compact design
  • Easy to use:
    – Automatic sampler loader
    – Easy to prepare sample, no exact consistency is needed
    – Easily extract raw data for further analysis
  • Reliable results:
    – Proven measurement methodology with measuring gap according to international standards
    – Automatic cleaning between samples with self cleaning measuring cell
  • Detect deviations in fiber properties that correlates to pulp quality deviations:
    – Fast classification of fiber and pulp quality

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