L&W Moisture Sensors

L&W Moisture Sensors DS are the only sensors on the market that can measure moisture content through all the layers of finished corrugated board. Non-contacting measurements are an advantage when measuring the moisture content of multiply products such as boxboard and corrugated cardboard, and when measuring coated paper grades.

L&W Moisture Sensors are based on microwave technology. Measurement results are neither affected by ink residues in recycled paper or by the colour of a sheet; nor are the results influenced by caliper, surface structure, moisture stratification, or by the varying pH or salt content in the process water. Even common fillers such as china clay or whiteners, e.g. titanium dioxide, have virtually no affect on the moisture reading.


  • Less sensitive to grade differences including recycled furnishes than other methods, leads to less calibration time
  • High accuracy leads to improved process control, energy savings and improved product quality.

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