L&W Crush Tester

L&W Crush Tester tests corrugated board, liner and fluting as well as performing compression tests on small boxes. The instrument measures new crush properties such as flat crush hardness and the total energy absorbed during a FCT measurement. A built-in plate distance sensor can also be used to measure the corrugated board thickness.


  • Easy to use:
    – Pre-programmed start position and evaluation of measurements, all for easy shift between measurements such as RCT and ECT
    – Gives automatically correct FCT value – Manual settings for each flute type is not needed
  • Reliable measurement result:
    – Robust construction, especially important when measuring FCT so that the test piece does not shear and cause “leaning” flutes
  • Increased use:
    – Measures new crush properties such as flat Crush hardness, flat crush energy and flat crush stiffness

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