L&W Bursting Strength Tester

ABB’s next-generation L&W Bursting Strength Tester is a reliable and easy-to-use instrument that measures bursting strength of paper, paper board, and corrugated board. The enhanced usability with built-in sample feeder and touchscreen delivers accurate and repeatable results more quickly, enabling mills to make process adjustments and avoid overuse of raw materials.

The L&W Bursting Strength Tester provides reproducible and repeatable busting strength results according to the Mullen method. 


  • Easy to use with intuitive interface
  • Fast operator-independent testing
  • Reliable and repeatable results
  • Streamlined lab data management
  • Safe and ergonomic operation


  • Auto-clamp and auto-start for fast, operator independent testing
  • Finger protection and protective surface for easy cleaning and durability
  • Large touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • Integrated strip feeder
  • Conclusion of measurement as soon as sample bursts
  • Ethernet port - removes the need for external PC connections and provides interface to lab systems
  • Graphical pressure curve displays elastic tendency
  • Diaphragm stiffness compensated results
  • Ability to perform checks and calibrations from the screen
  • Automated service features - New pump solution makes maintenance and configuration easier

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