L&W ZD Tensile Tester

Even strength within specifications and across the reel width

L&W ZD Tensile Tester measures internal bond strength – or Z-direction (ZD) tensile forces – of paper and multi-layered paper products, such as linerboard and box board. The tester uses an automated method and you obtain fast and reliable measurement values, which make it possible to achieve uniform strength across the reel width. All in compliance with customer specifications, as well as in accordance with applicable standards (ISO, TAPPI, SCAN).

Full control of the internal bond strength, is particularly important in the production of multi-layered paper products. Low or unevenly distributed internal bond strength can cause material splitting in an offset press with sticky printing ink. In the creasing or scoring operation of boxboard the material should
delaminate “just enough”. Otherwise after folding there will be poor folding lines or cracks in the outer layer. Internal bond strength tests can predict this. 

Enough internal bond strength is also needed in heat-set web offset printing of highly coated paper. Otherwise blistering will occur when moisture will try to escape during the heating process. Too high internal bond strength impedes the creasing of the boxboard and high values also mean a waste of raw material and energy. In other words, the aim is to achieve an even strength within specifications and across the reel width. L&W ZD Tensile Tester can achieve this. 


  • Ease of use:
    – Fully automated testing, including the application and removal of tape
    – Large touch screen for good overview
  • Operator-independent measurement results:
    – Totally handsfree operation
  • Troubleshooting posibilities:
    – Perfect for troubleshooting as profiles can be measured and sections of poor strength can be found

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